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How I Met Mrs. Fancy

I first met Mrs. Fancy on a fall December 5th day at FAO Schwarz. I did not know what to expect when I saw a blue face, red nose and curly blond hair. I also did not realize at the time that she had a husband, Bob, and a daughter, Jenny, and that her maiden name was actually Brittany Baboo. Now that I know all this -- I know that I definitely like her (and Bob and Jenny). If I had to give say what character she is from the movie Inside Out, I would say Joy. She always brightens up the day with her wacky voice and funny personality. She started off without much going on - just a talent show here and there - but she now has a Live show on YouTube every Saturday. Catch her show and send your thoughts. She would love it. I am looking forward to celebrating another December 5th day with her and seeing what this year had instore for us.

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