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A Letter From A Person!

Dear Waiter,

First of all,your service last Tuesday night was horrible! The restaurant, Steve’s was beautiful aren't so beautiful .Especially when you started picking your nose and wiped it on the plate.

Remember the time when you spilled that hot soup all over me and you were so callous about it.Plus,your abusive behavior when you insulted my friend. Well, that was just abominable! Also,when I told the manager,Kate all you did was just acted indolent.Also,your very portly.Maybe that was why you were so slow and apathetic when it took an hour took just get an appetizer.Then, you were such an ignoramus when you told that blind customer to watch where he was going when you bumped into him.You're malignant personality can bring down any dinner party.Your infantile and sophomoric behavior is equivalent to that of a pre-schooler. like when you started running around crazy!The repulsive and vile way you handle food with your grimy fingers can turn any business meal with a client,into a squalid event.By serving outdated food your uncrupulous conduct is unprofessional and obviously it wasn’t good even if you seasoned it with salt and pepper.The monotonous and bearly heard way you annouced the dinner speicals made what should have been an entertaining night,into a humdrum meal when you walked into the event with pungent food.In coclusion,it is a tragedy that such a wonderful restaurant is represented by such a sinful and such insipid employee who ought to be confined to solitary imprisionment.I hope you have learned your lesson!!!!!!!!

soon to be a someone else's costumer,

Mrs. Fancy

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